Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an installment loan?
    An installment loan is a short-term, unsecured loan extended to borrowers. The repayment is carried out over a predetermined amount of time and the loan is paid back in a series of payments, or installments that go toward the loan
  • What are your minimum requirements?
    Full Time W-2 Employee with email address, working telephone, checking account in good standing. All signed Loan Agreements are subject to verification of prior loan history and application data. For a complete list of minimum requirements, please check our Requirements page.
  • How much money can I borrow?
    Our Installment Loans range from $100 - $1000.

    The minimum required payment will be deducted from your bank account via ACH or Electronic Check. Your minimum payment will be comprised of fees, interest and principal every due date, which will coincide with your pay dates. If you would like to reduce your balance or pay in full, simply contact our office at 855-689-0152. If you are unable to reach us via telephone, simply complete our contact us form and someone will get back to you by the next business day.
  • When will the money be in my bank account?
    If your application is received, verified, and e-signed before 4PM Eastern Time on a banking day, we will transfer the money to your bank overnight, and the funds should be posted to your account the next banking day.
  • When will I hear back for you?
    During our normal business hours of 9am to 5pm Eastern Time, we will contact you by telephone within 15 minutes after we receive your application.
  • Do you check credit?
    We will not request credit reports from any of the three (3) major credit bureaus. However, we do verify that you are actively employed.
  • Why do I need to submit my banking and Social Security Information?
    We must have your personal information to verify your identity and to deposit funds into the correct bank account. Your information is always kept secure and confidential in our encrypted database.
  • How do you protect my privacy?
    View our privacy policy HERE.
  • Can I pay my Installment Loan back early?
    Yes, you can pay your Installment Loan back early. Please contact us at least three (3) business days before your due date to let us know that you want to debit your account early. You will not be entitled to a refund or discount of the fees.
  • Why am I not receiving e-mail notifications about my account?
    In some instances, it may be the case that our emails get filtered into your spam folder. It is important to make sure that you monitor your spam folders as well if you are expecting emails from our company. If you have any questions regarding the failure to receive e-mail notifications regarding your account, please call us at 855-689-0152 and we will be more than happy to assist you.
  • What if I don’t have the money in my bank account to make my payment?
    If your payment due date arrives and you don’t have the funds available in your bank account, contact us immediately. Only by discussing your repayment options with us will allow you to be able to keep your account in good standing.
  • What are my rates?

    Your interest rate is the percentage of the loan principal a lender charges a borrower for the loan. Finance charges are a broader measure of the cost of borrowing that includes both interest and any applicable fees. Annual percentage rate, or APR, expresses the finance charges of a loan as a yearly rate. Finance charges are based on a borrower’s creditworthiness.

    A borrower’s creditworthiness is determined by several factors, including credit and payment history, income, employment, existing debt, and types of debt. You can reduce the total cost of your loan by paying your loan off early, before your last due date on your payment schedule, or by making additional payments on or between your payment due dates.

    A copy of your loan details, finance charges, APR, and payment schedule will be fully disclosed to you in your loan agreement once you are approved for a loan. Please contact our team today to see if you qualify for a loan with us. Your loan agreement is available for review and download at any time during the life of your loan by logging in to your account here.